Measurement error and misclassification


Increase the awareness of the problems caused by measurement error and misclassification in statistical analyses and remove barriers to use statistical methods that deal with such problems by publishing scientific articles and presenting papers and workshops at conferences. See also Freedman and Kipnis (2018).

Key messages

  • Only a minority of published papers present estimates that are adjusted for measurement error.

  • Considering measurement error is necessary because it may have an impact on the study results.

  • Special statistical methods are used to account for measurement error

  • Additional information is required about the type and size of the measurement error to adjust for measurement error.

Laurence Freedman
Victor Kipnis
Hendriek Boshuizen
Helmut Küchenhoff
Raymond Carroll
Douglas Midthune
Veronika Deffner
Pamela Shaw
Kevin Dodd
Anne Thiébaut
Paul Gustafson
Janet Tooze
Ruth Keogh
Michael Wallace

STRATOS Initiative

The topic group "Measurement error and misclassification" is a member of the STRATOS Initiative (STRengthening Analytical Thinking for Observational Studies) which is a large collaboration of experts in many different areas of biostatistical research. Ongoing research, discussions and activities within STRATOS are conducted in nine topic groups and several cross-cutting panels.